Specialty Coatings


Paintco is your local expert for specialty coatings for unique, technical or problematic surfaces which require a coating.  Paintco carries the full line of COROTECH Coatings, Lenmar Lacquers and select Insl-x specialty coatings.


Unique products such as Pool Paint, Cabinet Coat, and Stix by Insl-x  are examples of the specialty coating solutions you can find at Paintco.

Call or visit for details on the specialty coating that will best suit your needs!

COROTECH Specialty Coatings


COROTECH High Performance Coatings have developed from over 100 years of coatings research and development. Our extensive portfolio can be trusted to meet all your industrial coatings needs.

COROTECH offers Primers, Maintenance & Equipment Enamels, High-Performance Epoxies, High-Performance Urethanes, and Cleaning, Solvents.

Visit or Call Paintco to talk to our COROTECH experts who will help you select the right COROTECH High Performance Coating for your needs.

Visit the COROTECH website


Lenmar Lacquers


Lenmar is a trusted Lacquer brand for over 50 years.  Each wood finish is carefully designed and backed by years of advanced wood coatings research which brings in lasting beauty and protection.

Paintco  carries the entire line of Lenmar Lacquers - Please call and setup an appointment to review your lacquer needs!

Lenmar Website


INSL-X Specialty Coatings

Pool Paint by Insl-x

Make your pool look like new!  Insl-x Pool Paints are easy to apply coatings.  They provide an attractive, durable finish that is resistant to ultraviolet rays and pool chemicals.

Insl-x pool paint is durable and delivers long-lasting color and protection.

Can be applied over most types of pool coatings in good condition, as well as bare concrete or plaster surfaces.



Cabinet Coat by Insl-x

The ultimate finish for refurbishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelving, furniture, trim, window frames and other interior applications that require an ultra-smooth, factory like finish with long lasting beauty.  Cabinet Coat is the ultimate finish for refurbishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelving, furniture, trim and crown molding.

Delivers an ultra-smooth, factory-like finish with long-lasting beauty.  Adheres to "hard-to-stick" surfaces, including polyurethane and varnish, without a primer.


Cabinet Coat Offers:

  • Ultra-smooth finish
  • urethane-acrylic formula
  • Refurbishes worn cabinets
  • Covers hard-to-coat surfaces without a primer


STIX by Insl-x

Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer is a premium quality, waterborne, acrylic urethane primer-sealer with unparalleled adhesion to the most challenging surfaces, including PVC, Vinyl, Plastic, Glass, Tile, Glazed Block, Glossy Paints, Pre-Coated Siding, Fiberglass, and Galvanized Metals.

Stix is also ideal for use on plaster, drywall, wood, and non-ferrous metals, where a low ambient or surface temperature would present a problem for conventional primers. It cures in temperatures as low as 35°F and offers an extremely hard film when cured.

Use it on interior and exterior surfaces and topcoat with almost any type of coating including Alkyd, Acrylic Latex, Urethane, Epoxy, and Lacquer Finishes. Stix is a low VOC primer, which levels to a smooth surface and cleans up with soap and water.